MotoPhotoShow runs from January 20, 2017 through April 14, 2017 at LuLu Café & Bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in Bay View, Wisconsin.

In order to participate, follow these directions

  1. Create a Flickr album named MotoPhotoShow.
  2. Add between 10 to 50(maximum) photos to your album.
    • All submissions must be photographs taken and owned by you, and should depict our Midwest motorcycle culture in your eyes.
  3. Send an email containing a link to the Flickr album to between September 6, 2016 and November 30, 2016.
    • If you are unable to create a Flickr album, you may opt out by contacting us via email and arranging an alternate method for submitting your work.
    • Photos submitted via Flickr will be given first priority during our selection process.
  4. Join our private FaceBook group: MotoPhotoShow
    • Communication and updates will be posted there.
    • If you are unable to join a FaceBook group, you may opt out by contacting us via email and arranging an alternate method of communication. We will send emails to all photographers when we have important news. If at all possible, join the FaceBook group anyway. That’s where the important stuff will be posted first.
  5. Click here for the Rules. Do not ignore this link. Following these rules will get you in the show.
  6. Click here for Tips & Hints. You can ignore this link if you want. You could still get in the show, but life will be better for all of us if you click it and read it. Come on, just click it already.
  7. By sending a submissions to MotoPhotoShow you agree to have your digital images used for the promotional purposes of MotoPhotoShow and MotoPhotoShow only. Your images remain your property, will not be sold or used for any other purposes related to MotoPhotoShow.
    • We would like to use your images on Instagram, our website, FaceBook and other materials to promote the show. That is the only way we will use them. But it’s your choice...
    • You can opt out by sending an email to clearly saying “I do not agree to have my images used for the purposes of promoting MotoPhotoShow”. You will still be considered for display in the show itself. We totally understand you may not want your photos floating around the internets. The show itself is our primary focus too. It’s cool. We’re all good.

You still reading this? Good. Here’s the important part: There will be a nice party at LuLu Café for you on January 17th 2017. Last year it was like New Year’s Eve in there, 300 people and complete lunacy. Look forward to it. We are.

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