Tips and Tricks

  • Send us something unusual! - We get hundreds of photos of stereotypical dudes riding. Last year, we got ONE photo of a woman racing. That one shot went straight up on the wall. Yes, we do want to get your photos of racetracks and riding past the Harley-Davidson Museum, but it’s the unique photos that grab our attention. So please, send us portraits, photos of wrenching in a garage, or anything that shows us some of those wonderfully strange, completely personal, different parts of our Midwestern motorcycle culture.
  • LuLu has BIG walls. Small images (8 x 10 or smaller) will be difficult to view in our space. All photos will be hung above eye level and tables will prevent viewers from approaching the wall. 16 x 24 is good starting size for our images, and we can accept photos that are bigger than that.
  • If you do plan to print in a large format (larger than 48” on any dimension) tell us in advance or in your submission email what size you are thinking so that we can ensure there is space to accommodate or suggest another size before you get too far. One large photo can take the space of 3-4 smaller photos, so we need to plan accordingly to ensure there is space for everyone. We’re doing math for this. That’s how much we care.
  • Basically there are three wooden rails running horizontally across the wall at LuLu. Café. All framed photos will be safely hung from one of these rails. Light weight mounted photos will be attached with double-sided mounts.
    • Small photos (Approximately 16” on the smallest dimension) on the bottom rail.
    • Medium (greater than 16” on the smallest dimension) photos will be hung from the middle rail.
    • Larger or heavier photos will hang from the top rail using traditional hanging techniques (that means nails in the rails).
  • We will be hanging out in LuLu Cafe the weekend of January 14th and 15th to receive your photos if you are able to drop them off personally. This is our preferred method of handling your images selected to be part of the show.
    • If you need to arrange an alternate date, we can do that too. Reach out to us via and we’ll make that happen.
  • You can mail or ship your ready-to-hang images directly to LuLu Café from your printer-of-choice as well, if that is easier for you.
    • We will attempt to save all boxes and packing material to return your work to you after the show comes down.
    • You must provide return shipping information and fees.
    • To be blunt, we’d rather just hand your work to you after the exhibit ends, because mailing is a hassle.
  • Make absolutely sure you clearly attach your name and contact info on the back of every photo AND your packing materials.

The opening night party is Tuesday January 17th. It is open to the public so invite as many guests as you wish. LuLu Café is a restaurant. You can and should purchase dinner or drinks to thank them for hosting us again this year.

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